Learn how to tackle icing risks

The Fighting Icing project is translating the state-of-the-art knowledge and solutions to detect, prevent and mitigate icing problems in various applications to structured and concrete methodologies for implementation. During a webinar on 26 November you will be given an overview of icing risks in different sectors.   

In the COOCK project Fighting Icing specific attention is given to atmospheric icing in low and moderate temperate climates, such as in Belgium and similar regions. This is done by recreating the relevant icing events in a lab environment, by testing and evaluating the state of the art in ice and no-ice detection methods, and by evaluating anti-icing or de-icing surfaces (i.e. coatings and laser texturing) for these conditions. At the end of the project, a synthesis of the optimum solutions against icing issues will be provided.   

'Icing risks and mitigation solutions'  

During the webinar 'Icing risks and mitigation solutions' on 26 November attendees will be given an overview of icing risks in different sectors (wind energy, drones, aerospace and offshore). Sirris experts and guest speakers will explain the importance of the implementation of proper icing risk mitigation measures and solutions. You will learn how and why icing is such a problem in these sectors and trajectories will be proposed for solving this topic within the COOCK project 'Fighting Icing'.   

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