Learn how to slash your response times by 80% during the masterclass ‘Quick Response in Office Operations’

Office processing and administration activities have a huge impact on your customer response times as well as your operations cost and quality. Learn how to reduce these response times and increase customer satisfaction while lowering your costs and improving your quality.

'Time is money' 

Even in manufacturing companies, time spent in office processes and administrative activities accounts for a significant portion of your cost and also impacts your competitiveness in other ways. In fact, for many companies more than half the response time to customers can be spent in office processing, not in shop floor production!

While everyone knows that “time is money” companies underestimate the full impact of time on their operations. Time is a lot more money than most managers realize. Long response times result in a growing spiral of nonproductive activities that not only increase your response time to customers, but also add layer upon layer of cost as well as deteriorating quality in your operations. By significantly reducing your response times, you can cut costs, increase quality, be more responsive to customer requests, and gain significant market share.    

Enterprisewide QRM strategy

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a comprehensive, companywide strategy for reducing response times throughout your enterprise. Using QRM companies have reduced their response times by 80% or more, cut costs by over 20%, and gained market share. QRM is not just a shop floor strategy, it applies throughout the enterprise, and this masterclass will focus on application of QRM techniques in processes such as order entry, estimating and quoting, and engineering. QRM works particularly well in environments with high variability in demand and processing requirements – situations where Lean techniques (such as takt time) cannot be applied.

Practical masterclass

This masterclass by Rajan Suri starts with a general introduction on QRM to allow participants without any QRM background to effortlessly join the masterclass. The masterclass is very practice-oriented: through discussions and examples the different aspects of QRM will be discussed and clarified. Attention is paid to practical matters, possible obstacles, requirements for successful implementation etc. 

During this masterclass, you will learn how to shorten lead times in office operations and improve customer satisfaction while reducing your own costs and improving your quality. So you can reduce your customer response times by 80% or more.  

Masterclass Content

The Power of Time

Identifying the waste due to long response times. Understanding the Response Time Spiral. How reduced response times result in lower cost, higher quality and increased market share. Learn about MCT, a powerful metric for lead time, and how to use MCT-Mapping to identify improvement opportunities.

Rethinking Your Organization Structure

Getting to the roots of the Response Time Spiral. How to restructure your organization to minimize response times throughout the enterprise. In particular, you will learn how to implement Q-ROCs which are Quick Response Office Cells with exceptional performance. 

Identifying Target Opportunities in Your Business

The power of the Focused Target Market Segment (FTMS) to enable response time reduction. How to identify potential FTMSs in your business. 

Exploiting System Dynamics Principles

Learn about 'system dynamics' interactions which highlight the fact that policies on resource utilization and batching of like jobs result in long response times. How to rethink traditional capacity planning and resource allocation for quick response. 

Enterprisewide Application

For long-term success, QRM principles need to be applied not just in your office processing, but throughout your organization.  

Implementing Quick Response Office Cells (Q-ROCs) in your company

Learn how QRM tools such as 'tagging' can help you identify your FTMS and form the right Q-ROCs. Take away a roadmap for successful implementation. 

Hands-on Learning Experiences

During the class, you will work in teams on several 'hands-on' workshops, including: identifying waste due to long lead times; and making an MCT map for a typical office process such as quoting or order processing. 

Industry Case Studies

The class will also include several practical examples of companies that have reduced lead times for office operations by 70-80%, and the corresponding impact on their performance and competitiveness.

Interested in participating? The masterclass will take place on 23 October in Ghent. More information can be found in our agenda.