Learn about costs & considerations for investing in an AM system

Additve Talks is another approach to delivering 3D printing and AM resources. This day brings together additive manufacturing players and experts from vertical industries so that they can exchange on various topics. Sirris too will make a contribution on costs and considerations for investing in an AM system.

Most AM users and future users of the technology usually have a holistic approach in their way to discovering and further expanding their knowledge of additive manufacturing. This approach often includes in-person exchanges during events or analysis from various companies' contents and experiences.

Because these unprecedented times make it difficult to exchange ideas in person 3D ADEPT Media has come up with another way to give the industry access to 3D printing/AM resources: Additive-Talks. It is a way to connect with experts from this ever-growing industry. Sirris will make a contribution on costs and considerations for investing in an AM system.

Costs & considerations for investing in an AM system

Deciding to invest in additive technology is not always without danger, especially when talking of technologies linked to manufacturing with metals. Very often the purchase of the equipment is not the only important factor to consider. Ignoring other value chain points is a risk that can lead to failure of implementing this technology.

So it is important to ask the right questions before investing, for instance:

  • Which objectives are to be identified, which one wants to attain with which new technology?
  • Which product do I want to manufacture?
  • What are the requirements linked to this product?
  • Do I have a structural requirement or only functional with this product?
  • What is the best technology, fit to my application?
  • What is my  employees' level of knowledge on the subject?
  • What are the drivers that push me towards considering the investment?
  • Do I need to implement this technology in-house or is subcontracting to be preferred?

With its over 20 years of experience in the domain of additive manufacturing Sirris can guide you through the different options.

Specifically these questions will be discussed during Additive Talks, which takes place on 10 September. Signing up is free.