Lead time reduction thanks to QRM, also in our own lab

Because a short lead time is also essential in the services provided by Sirris, we examined our own operations to see if we could improve and reduce our lead times. To this end we called on our own expertise in quick response manufacturing (QRM).

As a test case, Sirris evaluated the processes of the laboratory for metal characterisation tests in Ghent. The operations of the lab were analysed and mapped, points for improvement were identified. All this with a view to optimising operations and reducing lead times.

Some interventions we have implemented or which we are planning for the near future:

  • The division of tasks has been adjusted to allow faster, more efficient operations.
  • Cross-training ensures that employees can easily take over each other’s tasks in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Instead of batch testing at one fixed moment (in order to reduce conversion time and costs), a balance was found between cost-efficiency and lead time by performing certain tests at different times.
  • The further automation and digitisation of reporting considerably simplifies this step in the process and ensures huge time savings and more precise results.

Thanks to these interventions we have already been able to reduce the lead time by 1 day (and more). Employees now have more time for other tasks. In this way Sirris also responds better to customer needs. Many customers have indicated that they notice the difference. The application of QRM principles on our own processes is part of a general exercise within Sirris to further optimise our services.

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