Last chance to register for SME-Fund programme accepting applications for IP services

In 2021, a European support program for SMEs has been set up around intellectual property. Two services are proposed in this framework: IP Scan and registration of trademarks and designs, leading respectively to fee reductions up to 75% and 50%. Sirris can now file the applications for you. Interested? Don’t hesitate, the deadline is 31 October!

The following fact is now well known and has been published repeatedly over the years /by EPO (European Patent Office) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office): companies active in intellectual property are better performing.

We told you about it in May when Belgium entered Service 1, the European SME Fund, in collaboration with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), gives special access to small and medium-sized enterprises through a dedicated programme. This programme offers two services:

Service 1 : IP pre-diagnosis

The objective of this service? To identify concretely in your company which are the elements of intellectual assets that can be protected by intellectual property rights. Very often, such elements are indeed present within the company but are not recognized as such. Experts in intellectual property are there to support you in this process of recognition and to ensure a better protection of your business over time. The SME-Fund program allows a reduction of up to 75% of the price of this service.

Want to know more about the pre-diagnosis IP?

  • The Sirris Patent Cell is here to help you
  • Sirris and Deloitte will present to you the IP Scan during two sessions scheduled at ACUMEN 2021, organised by Agoria and Sirris (IP Pre-diagnosis: What, Why & How? in FR or NL).

Service 2 : Trademark and Design Registration

Through the SME-Fund programme, up to 50% of the fees can be reduced when registering trademarks, designs or models, whether they are registered at national, regional or European level.

The last window of 2021 to apply for these services at the EUIPO will end on 31 October. Sirris can now file service 1 applications for you, via its Patent Cell.