Join in with Circular Economy Connect!

The fourth cycle of the Circular Economy Connect learning network starts this year. In addition to a supportive and encouraging network for companies taking their first steps in the circular economy, Sirris and Agoria are launching a network for companies that have already started down this road and want to get started with a circular business case. We look for solutions to specific challenges or frequently-recurring obstacles.

The circular economy is one of the biggest game changers for industry today. The aim of the circular economy is to allow products and materials to retain their value and functionality for the customer for as long and as fully as possible, while at the same time creating value for the manufacturer.

Every enterprise in the technology sector, regardless of its size or activity, can benefit from a circular approach. This might, for instance, involve reducing material costs, exploring new markets and realising revenue, anticipating legislation, responding to changing customer requirements or increasing the attractiveness of your company. But despite the growing interest in the circular economy, there are no ready-made answers as to how your company can actually get started with the circular economy or take further steps with it. Our experience shows that companies can mainly learn from each other's good and not-so-good experiences.

That’s why in 2016 Sirris and Agoria launched ‘Circular Economy Connect’, a learning network for the circular economy that is run both by and for technology companies. The fourth cycle will start soon. Not a member yet? Then now’s the time to get on board!

What do I gain by joining?

  • You can explore and strengthen your approach to circularity in your company and the tools you use to achieve it: we developed a tool that guides you, determines the circular value for your product or service, and lists specific actions and tips & tricks.
  • You learn to measure your circularity.
  • You learn what the workable key performance indicators for circular entrepreneurship are.
  • You learn about circular product and service design as part of a circular strategy.
  • You receive an update on European & national legislation relating to the circular economy.
  • You learn how to market a circular product or service.
  • You learn about the organisation of return logistics.

The proposed themes can be adjusted to match the needs of the participating companies. The goal, after all, is to provide maximum support for making steps forward.    

How the network operates

Working in a process of co-creation with other participants and under supervision, we try to identify feasible follow-up steps and exchange knowledge and experience that will enable you to make progress in the short term.

In the Circular Economy Connect learning network, a permanent group of 15 like-minded companies that have become convinced of the added value to be gained from circular entrepreneurship meets four times a year. On the basis of 10 circular economy areas of action that Sirris developed in conjunction with Agoria, we zoom in on your specific questions or specific problems. These areas of action link up with the various steps of the value chain and provide concrete suggestions and good practices. Mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences between the participants helps to find concrete solutions to common problems. We provide realistic follow-up steps that companies can work through themselves afterwards. We bring additional knowledge along with support and encouragement to the network through inspiring company visits and (international) experts carefully selected for their relevant and detailed knowledge. We also invite policymakers to discuss matters with the participating companies. All this should allow you to make progress in the short term.

This year we will also be launching an additional learning network focused on servitisation, called CE Connect Advanced, in which we want to bring together companies that have already taken far-reaching steps in the circular economy to find more in-depth solutions to specific challenges and common obstacles. We want to focus specifically on servitisation and product-as-a-service models. In CE Connect Advanced we will work with cases that the participants present themselves.


The Circular Economy Connect network for starters meets on 23 April, 11 June, 24 September and 19 November. The Circular Economy Connect Advanced network meets on 30 April, 18 June, 1 October and 26 November. Each of the four sessions takes place at a host company that is active in the circular economy.

Member companies pay 750 euros (excl. VAT) for the four sessions for participating in one of the two learning networks. You can participate with various colleagues.
Non-members pay 1,500 euros (excl. VAT) per company for participation.

Are you interested? Then get in touch with us!