International conference on anti-corrosion solutions for offshore renewable energy

The conference ‘Taming NeSSIE’, which will be held in Glasgow on 24 January 2019, will focus on the challenge of corrosion in offshore renewable energy. Participants from the entire anti-corrosion value chain are invited.

The conference will provide a platform for problem owners, solution providers, service companies and research institutes to share and discuss corrosion challenges, innovative anti-corrosion solution and opportunities for collaboration within the North Sea basin.

The conference programme will give you an informative and interactive knowledge exchange opportunity focused on:

  • presenting the NeSSIE project: knowledge of anti-corrosion technology and novel materials solutions existing in the maritime sector is deployed to develop demonstration projects for offshore renewable energy devices in the North Sea basin, in an effort to tackle the challenge of offshore corrosion and fouling.
  • meeting with three leading developers representing offshore wind, tidal and wave, and meeting with the oil and gas industry that have a long history of working in the North Sea environment
  • seeing presentations from across the EU, highlighting specific corrosion challenges, new solutions to these challenges and opportunities for collaboration.

The morning session will include a presentation and discussion session with the three NeSSIE project developers, who will outline their corrosion challenges and opportunities for solutions. You will gain insight in the specifics of corrosion challenges for Offshore Renewable Energy devices, operating in the harsh environment of the North Sea.

In the afternoon, companies and institutes get a change to pitch the challenges they are faced with, solutions they have to offer or possible collaboration for which they are looking for partners. This provides a great opportunity for companies to get in touch and start making changes to the way corrosion and fouling are being dealt with today.

Please contact us if you are interested in pitching during the quickfire sessions.
The conference programme and practical details of the Taming NeSSIE conference can be found in our agenda.

'Taming NeSSIE' is organised by the EU-funded project NeSSIE.