InsightProducts - Actionable insights into product service delivery

Many companies, in particular manufacturing, are eager to learn how to collect and mine data about their products and use it in order to improve their service offering, but they lack the necessary insights into novel technologies, and how to deploy and use them.

Acquiring qualitative product data requires a well-thought and optimised sensor selection and deployment, adapted to the product infrastructure, configuration and operating environment.

To help companies in this process, Sirris, Hahn-Schickard (Association for applied research and development in microsystems engineering, micro assembly technology, microanalytical systems, and IT) and Forschungszentrum Informatik (Research Center for Information Technology) have initiated the collective research project 'InsightProducts - Actionable Insights into Product Service Delivery’ under the CORNET framework.

The project runs from September 2018 until August 2020.


The rise of sensing, IoT, Big Data for fleet management and the shift from preventive to predictive maintenance drive the growth of the machine condition monitoring market. For instance, electricity utility companies are capitalising on the increasingly large amount of data available by opening up their wind farm data sets in order to benefit from a community effort of improved wind turbine operation.

However, the increasing complexity of the manufacturing, automotive, energy and medical systems domains requires robust techniques for real-time monitoring, for detecting the inception and progression of faults, for reducing downtime and increasing reliability, and for enabling flexible maintenance scheduling.

These require optimal deployment of wireless sensor nodes, taking into account:

  • trade-offs between sensor count reduction and a high degree of system reliability
  • data analysis overload & system cost due to the generation of irrelevant/conflicting data;
  • focus shift from product delivery to agile delivery of product-enabled / -enabling services.

Expected project outcome

InsightProducts targets the enhancement of digital products, based on actionable insights into their design, delivery & operations, based on acquired data intelligence knowledge on the connected product.

The outcome will be threefold: InsightProducts will focus on the in-depth analysis of industrial condition monitoring solutions, specifically targeting their architectural & sensing design, in-product intelligence, communication and data acquisition aspects.

Key Outcome of InsightProducts




Expected Business Impact

1. Optimised product design and operations, resulting in enhanced product value based on product insights inferred from the captured sensor data.




Improved product design, operations & business innovation            

2. Improved product quality and reduced equipment downtime supported by qualitative data acquired through optimised sensor deployment customised to the product’s context.




Optimised cost, performance, energy efficiency of complex installations & data quality       

3. In-depth analysis of the impact of product service delivery on the overall product management, organisation, business and go-to-market strategy of the industry.




A shift to digital servitisation business models.

Target group

The target group of InsightProducts is the digital business industry ecosystem, which is composed of companies:

  • That develop hardware/digital products and adapt their business based on digital technology.
  • For which software plays a key role on how they innovate, scale up and capture their product value.
  • Whose products expose large amounts of actionable data.
Three main clusters of companies are targeted:
  • Manufacturing companies, with different levels of digitisation: 
    • with a monitoring solution in place & preliminary data expertise;
    • with connected products without monitoring solution or data expertise;
    • planning on setting up a monitoring solution.
  • Service companies providing support to the manufacturing companies, in areas such as deployment, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • ICT companies having sensing, communication, data & cloud expertise but often lacking domain knowledge.

Target domains

Condition monitoring (primary domain):
  • Factories – machine operating conditions and configurations
  • Energy – optimal deployment of sensor networks for qualitative data sets e.g. wind turbines, solar panels, HVAC  
  • Automotive - use of sensor deployments for the extraction of mission profiles e.g. autonomous driving verification, testing conditions
Spill-overs (secondary domain):
  • Soft sensors – sensor fusion, systematic optimized reuse of existing sensing networks e.g. smart city, mobility

Participation to the user group

In order to drive the research in the project, more than 25 companies from both Belgium and Germany already joined the user group. The following fees and benefits apply:

Categories Price*         Advantages/benefits


Problem owners

LE 1000

  • Free of charge participation to user group meetings
  • Free of charge participation to the two yearly InsightsProducts events/seminars
  • Ability to steer project demonstrators and propose case studies
  • Early access to project results

ME 500

SE 200


Technology providers

LE 700

  • Free of charge participation to user group meetings
  • Free of charge participation to the two yearly InsightsProducts events/seminars
  • Reduced fee for organizing a booth at the two yearly InsightsProducts events/seminars
  • Ability to steer project demonstrators
  • Early access to project results

ME 400

SE 200

* One-time fee (until project end in Aug. 2020)
Invoicing happens at the start of membership

If you would also like to learn how to acquire qualitative product data and exploit this data to improve your product and service offering, do not hesitate to contact us and join the user group.

InsightProducts runs from September 2018 until August 2020.

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