Innovation boosts economy, Sirris lends a helping hand

Based on Agoria figures, Sirris compared the economic performance of the companies it helped innovate over the past three years with the entire technological industry. Conclusion: when companies work together and innovate, they perform significantly better than their industry peers. A tendency which we are more than happy to support.

In recent years 1,300 Belgian technology companies have successfully invested in innovation with the help of Sirris. This group of companies managed to create 12 percent more added value than their industry peers.

This is obviously good news, but more is needed to get Belgium back in the top innovation group on a European level. When it comes to innovation and digitisation, Belgium no longer belongs to the European or global top. In the latest Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) our country came in 8th place in Europa and worldwide we are occupying the 27th spot in terms of innovation (Global Innovation Index 2017). Belgium needs a stronger innovation culture and the ambition for our country must be higher if we want to maintain our standard of living.

Herman Derache, Managing Director at Sirris, looks at the situation in more detail and two Belgian companies, examples of innovation, give their vision.

Investing in the future

Sirris' approach is to help Belgian companies shape their innovations and test them out in an industrial environment, thereby increasing their chances of success. Sirris in itself invests more than 20 million euros a year in knowledge, expertise and high-tech infrastructure. Sirris aims to help companies materialise the challenges of innovation. We guide companies in their innovation process on the basis of what is practically possible today.

From the Masterplan Innovation conceived by Sirris and Agoria, which provides an insight into the future trends and challenges of companies, Sirris has been investing since 2017 in knowledge and infrastructure to address some of these collective challenges or themes that companies will need to address in the coming years: impact of digital technology on process, product and business model, smart & connected products and digital production for Industry 4.0.

Want to know more about what Sirris has achieved together with and for the benefit of our businesses and industry? Read the 2017 annual report!