Innovate as a source of inspiration for the products, factories and businesses of tomorrow

At its annual Innovate event held on 13 June, Sirris demonstrated how 'Together we turn innovation into success' is much more than just a catchphrase. The event was completely dedicated to the future of your company.

Sirris supports companies to innovate. We do it in order to make their business practises, products, processes and production future-proof by providing support in the development of skills that will be essential for tomorrow’s organisations. Around a hundred visitors attended Innovate this year that took place at Reynaers Aluminium in Duffel, an innovator par excellence.

Specially for the occasion, a number of companies shared their experiences with those present and there were various live demonstrations, proofs of concept for ground-breaking technologies at industrial level and also specific ‘future-proofed’ creations.

Within the framework of the 'Operator support systems’ pilot project Sirris set up a demonstrator for the occasion involving state of the art operator support using collaborative robots and digital operator support systems.