How important are data security and data privacy in an industrial context?

The EluciDATA Tech Talks are yearly events focusing on one aspect of the industrial deployment of data innovation and AI. To highlight the importance of data security and data privacy to our EluciDATA Community members, this will form the focus topic of this year’s Tech Talk. The event will take place on 8 December 2020.

While more and more companies are focusing on how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning on product data, in order to improve production processes, optimise energy consumption, predict future sales, analyse how their product is used in the field, … data security and data privacy are often taken into consideration at a later step.

In manufacturing, the malicious release of production data can for example give competitors insights into a product and how it was produced. In the energy sector, compromising a customer’s smart meter could allow an attacker to alter the customer's reported consumption or even shut down the customer’s energy supply. In logistics, the data is often shared between the different actors along the value chain and a secure environment will ensure that all of them agree to share their data.

During this year's EluciDATA Tech Talk on data privacy and data security, you will:

  • learn about the importance of data security and data privacy in an industrial context
  • discuss the challenges related to data security and data privacy via real-world use cases
  • get informed about some existing approaches and technologies that ensure data security and data privacy
  • have the opportunity to get in touch and ask your questions to experts
  • network with peers

Interested? Read more about this Tech Talk in our agenda!

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