How to develop your micro product?

micro products

You are considering developing a micro product or miniaturised component. You want to materialise it, proceed to a proof-of-concept, optimise the design and produce on a large scale. Thanks to its expertise in Micro, Sirris’ Product Development Hub in Liège can support you every step of the way, from concept to industrialisation.

From concept to industrialisation

Miniaturisation broadens the horizons of product builders. What’s on the agenda? New products that are becoming more compact, more discrete, more user-friendly, more energy-efficient or cheaper to produce... and, above all, products with very specific functionalities that take up a minimum of space.

However, the development of those micro products requires particularly targeted knowledge and a high-tech infrastructure. This highly specialised expertise in miniaturised products is at your service at the Sirris Product Development Hub in Liège.

Thanks to a unique mixture of resources in Belgium, our hub guarantees a smooth, rational and efficient development process, from proof-of-concept to industrialisation. You can involve the hub at any stage of your project’s development and no matter what specific assistance you need.

Five areas of expertise in Micro

Micromanufacturing techniques are evolving rapidly. The experts of the Micro department keep a close eye on the latest developments and are even involved in them in the context of research projects. This allows you to rely on a complete micromanufacturing chain, with top-level expertise in the following core areas:
  • micromachining
  • microreplication
  • microprinting
  • microassembly
  • micrometrology

Wide range of applications

The microtechnical expertise of the Product Development Hub therefore guarantees you effective guidance in the development of all your micro-manufacturing and miniaturisation applications.
A few examples:

Product Development Hub : Micro, Light, and Smart  

The expertise in Micro is one of the spearheads of Sirris’ Product Development Hub. Our hub specialises in the development of smaller (Micro), lighter (Light) and more intelligent (Smart) products and components. Therefore, your Micro project will also benefit from our insights into Light and Smart. 

Our expertise in Micro and the complete Product Development Hub are at your disposal to make your micro product a maximum success! 

Are you interested in miniaturisation technologies? Would you like to know more about our expertise and infrastructure? Contact our experts!