How can you turn data into impact in an industrial context?

Few technologies capture the imagination as much as artificial intelligence. Being able to adjust the present or predict the future based on data: which entrepreneur does not want this? Especially in industrial environments, data is considered the new gold. You work not only with data from people, but also from machines. The latter can be adjusted with new insights, in order to optimise the processes. Sounds good in theory, but where to start?

Data may be the new gold, but if you don't know how to mine it, you will be stuck with that mountain of data. The experts in data and AI at Sirris can help. On 9 December, together with several entrepreneurs, they will give the EluciDATA Tech Talk on AI in an industrial context.

This is not done by means of a dry presentation, but by bringing inspiring stories from the field. Engineers from leading companies such as Renson and Duracell Batteries BV will explain how they have implemented a well-thought-out data strategy.

Leveraging machine learning to become the factory of the future - Karel Flere, Industrial IT Engineer at Duracell Batteries BV 

Through the years companies have accumulated huge amounts of data. This has come to a point where it isn’t viable anymore to perform manual analysis of it. Numerous contextual factors affect the data in their own way. The challenge now lies in making sense of and learning from the data that is available, taking into account the contextual factors. Machine learning technology has matured and can help us in order to so. During this presentation machine learning and data analysis implementations within Duracell are presented.

Data analysis at Renson - From airflows to dataflows - Dr. Steven Delrue, R&D Manager Data Analytics at Renson

Renson (company focusing on ventilation, sunprotection and outdoor solutions) has started investing in the development of connected devices for the HVAC industry in 2016. In the meantime, Renson has over ten thousand installed devices that stream live data related to indoor air quality and indoor comfort to the Renson cloud. This data is used to strengthen Renson's product leadership position in the market and prepare for product-service offerings. During the presentation, some use cases from Renson’s data analytics team will be discussed.

This is followed by Q&A sessions with the experts, and you can network with other entrepreneurs or technicians who are encountering similar problems.

Interested in attending the annual EluciDATA Tech Talk? All practical info is available in our agenda!