How can you successfully make your products smarter?

More and more product builders are focusing on smart products and IoT. However, many companies still get stuck with their ideas in the many possibilities and uncertainties. To help companies do this, we are building support tools and guidance to get to a stronger, smart product idea faster. Find out more during a webinar on 7 February.

When you say smart products, you don't just think about electronics and software in the product. Connectivity with users and other products, cloud applications and digitally supported services around the product are also possible. So not only new technologies and a different development approach are involved, but also the business model and business operations may change.

Faster and better orientation  

It's no wonder that product builders sometimes get stuck in the many possibilities and uncertainties during their search for the 'golden' product idea. Speed, however, is increasingly important, not only to gain market share for new applications, but also to be able to respond in time to markets that are rapidly evolving through digitalisation. The majority of smart (IoT) products are completely new or extensions of existing products with which companies serve other stakeholders or even completely new customers. For such innovations to succeed, you definitely need a strong and well-founded product idea.

Guidance and tools for businesses

Sirris and imec are tackling this problem for product builders in a collective project specifically aimed at the exploration phase of smart products. In this project, we are developing an approach and tools to help companies orient themselves more efficiently, quickly and successfully around smart products. In the 'Successfully making your products smarter' webinar on 7 February 2022, you will learn more about the possible guidance and support tools and how to get started. Two companies, AVR and Mealhero, explain what innovating with smart products means for their company and how they deal with it. If we can give you one insight in advance, it is that not only large international companies are betting on smart products and IoT, but also SMEs around the corner.

Interested in taking part? More info and possibility to register for the webinar can be found here.

This webinar is part of the 'Orientation and decision making in smart product exploration' COOCK project. You can find more information about this project on the project page.