How to build a digital business

Is your company also thinking about expanding or transforming its offering with a digital service? Do you want a better understanding of everything this entails? Then the training 'Agoria Academy: How to build a Digital Business' on 4 June is perfect for you. Your instructors are experienced experts who have guided more than 400 digital companies in the past decade.

"Software is eating the world", stated Marc Andreessen in 2011. An increasing number of companies are evolving towards offering software and data-based services. But how do you start? What is the impact on your business model and cash flow? What new development methods and technological knowledge do you need to have in-house? How do you build a strong relationship with the user online? What about the legal aspects such as service levels and data security?

Typical of the digital transformation is its impact on all departments and aspects of your company. This Academy teaches you the digital services basics in one day, after which you can continue to use them in your company.

This programme, resulting from a close collaboration between Sirris and Agoria, covers various aspects, with an extensive part ex cathedra and then a practice exercise. This exercise entails each group of 4 to 5 people working on 1 case during the day. Participants may present a case from their company.

In addition, all participants will receive a copy of the book that has been published recently: 'Hyperscale & Microcare - The digital business cookbook'.

Attention: After 3 sessions in Dutch, this Academy is now going to be conducted in English for the first time.

Interested? More information and the possibility to register can be found here.