Help us to build tomorrow’s sustainable electronics!

A consortium of Walloon universities and research centres has the ambition to develop and offer companies a platform of innovative competences by combining micro-electronics and data management. You can help by filling in the survey (in French)! 

With the newly developed platform the consortium aims to formulate an answer to various questions, such as:

  • How to generate rapidly and at a low cost high-quality data for an efficient and sustainable monitoring of the environment?
  • Can I reduce the environmental impact of my product/process by adding the right sensors/actuators/communication systems?
  • How can I further customise my diagnostic systems with new digital functions?
  • I am not an electronics engineer, but I would like to digitise my product more, to make it more competitive and sustainable. Who can help me?

The objective is to put together a research programme (ERDF 2021-2027) which will allow the acceleration of the deployment of these new technologies for the benefit of the industrial world in Wallonia.

To meet the needs and expectations of the Walloon industry and integrate them into the approach, we invite you to fill in a short survey (in French). Completing the survey will take up only 5 minutes of your time and you will contribute to building sustainable electronics of the future, at the service of Wallonia’s health and environment.