Fresh plants all year long

The start-up 4Senses has developed a smart multi-functional indoor garden, whose purpose is to keep aromatic plants at hand throughout the year. Sirris, following the 3D printing of a first concept, has provided guidance and technical advice.

4Senses is a start-up working in the field of urban agriculture. Under its Calla Garden brand, it has developed a concept which allows people to keep and maintain shop-bought aromatic plants in their kitchen, with minimal effort. Through the use of a pump system, specialist horticultural lighting and intelligent control, plants find in the Calla hydroponic device all the essential elements required for their growth.

Thanks to an initial design by Ideasign, Calla was already able to convince its customers through a crowdfunding campaign. But there were still technical problems to solve before marketing the product.

4Senses commissioned Sirris for the manufacture of a prototype to validate the mechanical constraints of the product as well as the assembly and irrigation system.

4Senses then turned to iol Strategic Design, a long-time partner of Sirris, to rethink the concept and design by integrating all observations and technical requirements, ergonomics and design.

As a result of this new modelling Sirris prototyped the final set, which enabled 4Senses to fully validate it and to continue its industrialisation.