Will your company become the first Factory of the Future?

On 3 February Made Different will for the first time organise an award for companies that are well on the way to becoming a factory of the future as a reward for the results of their efforts. Come to this event on the 3rd of December and be inspired!

Until now we have had no officially recognised Factories of the Future in Belgium, but that will soon change.  Made Different, which monitors developments in industry, will be the first to reward companies that are on the right road and will do this by organising an award. The winners will receive a complete package of promotional materials for publicising the label they receive.

The companies eligible for this award will be an inspiration to others in the manufacturing industry. Including yours!

So be sure to come on 3 February  to the presentation of the awards and learn how to make a difference for the future!

Do you think that your company would qualify for this award? Then let the experts of Made Different carry out a scan of your company and get an idea of how far you’ve come. You might even win an award and become one of the first to have the Factories of the Future label!   

More details of the programme, the award ceremony and how to register, will soon be available on our website or via an official invitation.