ThatsIP emerges from the starting blocks

The new Dutch-language e-learning module series called ThatsIP was launched recently, and covers the subject of intellectual property (IP). As well as students and teachers, businesses wanting to know more about IP can also use it for free.

ThatsIP is a result of collaboration between Agentschap Ondernemen and the Benelux Bureau for Intellectual Property. Although specifically developed for students of higher education in Flanders, ThatsIP is free and accessible to all via their website Businesses and potential businesses can also use it and increase their knowledge about IP.

The e-learning concept is modular, so it's easy to select the parts you want to use. In addition to the theory, which is served up in bite-sized pieces, there is also a quiz and various practical examples that help to make the subject tangible and attractive. Would you like to know for example, whether you can protect your products or services by way of a trademark or a patent, and how you go about doing that? You'll find all the answers on ThatsIP.

Do you want to find out more about ThatsIP? Then view the following film clip

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