New booklet in lean series now available

'How to put the ‘S’(ales) in smarketing', the new booklet in the series of books on lean, focuses on 'smarketing', i.e. the integration of sales and marketing. 

Companies who have integrated sales and marketing (smarketing) in one team and approach, show an increase in revenue. This is even without changing the initial tactics, only by better aligning their actions. The goal of the new booklet 'How to put the ‘S’(ales) in smarketing' is to provide an introduction to smarketing and to work out some new tactics, based on growth hacking, in implementing a smarketing approach. 

This booklet, a publication by Die Keure, will provide you with some new and valuable insights and many tips and tricks to attract more business. The author is Nikolaas Van Riet, a scientist and expert in innovation and business development, who is not unknown in Sirris circles.