Is my manufacturing process still up-to-date?

Last year UNIZO started an initiative involving professional skills, trades and the manufacturing industry: De Makers. It is aimed at giving the positive image of the manufacturing industry a little more colour. Part of this UNIZO initiative includes the 'Introductory Networking Events' of which the second round will be taking place in Kortrijk on 24 June. Sirris will also be present and is giving a keynote speech in one of the break-out groups. 

The previous networking event took place in November last year at IMEC in Leuven with the title, 'Who is going to be the Netflix of the manufacturing industry?' The focus here was on the new technologies that are going to make a big impact on the manufacturing industry. There were plenary sessions and break-out groups. There were 130 participants. 

Another event is taking place on 24 June in cooperation with Howest's Industrial Design Center. This time the focus is on production: how do I start a new manufacturing process? Innovation, production differentiation or co-creation? The event is specifically aimed at encouraging businesses to take action. Sirris will give the keynote speech titled 'From SME to factory of the future', about the way in which Made Different companies are supported in the transformation process so that they can continue manufacturing competitively in Belgium. 

Interested? On De Makers website you can find the programme and other practical information!