Maximise the throughput of your machines, minimise the downtime

Can you use low cost MEMS sensors to realise a condition monitoring system? How will a condition monitoring system help you improve maintenance? And can you detect electrical connection defects? In order to keep or improve their competitive edge, machine builders have to maximise the throughput of their machines and minimise their downtime. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, and the reason why 'Automated online condition monitoring for rotating machinery' is the central theme of a masterclass, held on 3 December.

Condition monitoring enables tracking the state of health of machines, their components and processes by measuring physical properties such as vibrations, sound and electrical signals. Recent opportunities in fields of low-cost technology such as MEMS sensors, ICT applications and open source control platforms in combination with proper algorithms allow the widespread deployment of condition monitoring systems to a broader range of machinery and trigger the rethinking of the traditional maintenance business models.

The Mechatronics 4.0 project aims to help Flemish companies realising the Industry 4.0 philosophy. Automated condition monitoring will be a key feature of this next generation of autonomous machines, and is the focus of the Mechatronics 4.0 masterclass, organised by Sirris and Flanders Make. The aim is to inform you about the merits of condition monitoring and provide you with insights into how to realize these systems in a cost-effective way. In addition, Flanders Make will present its vision on development of fully automated condition monitoring systems, which overcome the need of off-line expert interpretation and as such, fully exploiting the knowledge provided by condition monitoring.

Sirris and Flanders Make have the expertise and infrastructure to support SMEs in implementing innovations and bridging technological needs, on the one hand, and technological offerings on the other. During the last decade,  Flanders Make has built up an extensive experience in the development of condition monitoring systems.

During the masterclass, the different subjects will be illustrated based on industrial user cases and typical questions that will be addressed. Learn more about the masterclass in our agenda!