Inspirational seminar about digitisation in manufacturing

What is the industrial internet? How does it relate to Industry 4.0? Is this something for my company? Does it need substantial investment? How could it make a contribution to my organisation?  Should we be following this evolution? Are there alternatives...? In order to provide answers to such questions, 3IF is organising an inspirational seminar about the industrial internet, Industry 4.0, industrial Internet of Things and related topics on 9 July.

Becoming a Factory of the Future or a digital factory are not issues that apply solely to the large multinationals. SMEs can also use new technologies without having to invest millions, or undergo extensive retraining. The opportunities are unlimited. The applications available are either very specialised or generally applicable, although no less attractive.

The seminar will inspire you, allow you to discover new opportunities and there will also be discussions about the subjects of sensors, standardised data capture, data science, linking into the cloud, using tablets and management reporting based on intelligent monitoring.

During the seminar, 3IF will make it possible to discuss ideas, as well as going deeper into some of the challenges and opportunities. The 3IF team supports employees as they make new discoveries and advises them about taking the next transformational step. Various guest speakers have been asked to share their experiences during this inspirational seminar.

Interested? Participation is free of charge and takes place on 9 July at KU Leuven in Heverlee. Find the practical details and registration form here.