How do Belgian providers work in the cloud?

After international players such as Amazon, Rackspace, IBM and CSC, we are now focusing on domestic contributors for our fifth and final workshop in the series of workshops "Focus on your business, leave your IT infrastructure to the cloud". Curious as to how IaaS Belgian providers find solutions? Come to our last IaaS workshop on 11 February and ask the experts yourself!

Two independent Belgian cloud computing experts —Frederik Dekens (Skyscrapers) and Daniel Bartz (CommodIT)— will tell you about what IaaS has to offer today. They will also provide an overview of the IaaS solutions presented in the previous four sessions, specifically for the Belgian market. It is a perfect opportunity if you could not attend our workshops and wonder what the best cloud provider is for your objectives!

For this meeting Sirris and Agoria have recruited speakers from leading Belgian cloud service companies such as Combell, People & Technology and Stone Internet Services. They will take turns unveiling their vision and ideas on powerful cloud infrastructure in 10 minutes’ time.

Afterwards you will have the opportunity to talk to all these providers and ask them all your questions. For example, which provider should I use as a software developer? As a CIO I need to ensure that our services are in accordance to legislation, which partner offers me the best guarantees? What type of agreement is best and what kind of support should my provider offer?


  1. "What IaaS can offer you today": Frederik Dekens (Skyscrapers) and Daniel Bartz (CommodIT)
  2. Examples of local Belgian providers: Combell, People & Technology and Stone IS
  3. Demos & Q/A

Tasteful finish: sandwiches

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