Get going with SaaS during our hands-on information sessions!

Would you like to start with the development of Software as a Service or, in short, SaaS? Then you're on the right road as the provision of software on a service basis is on the way up. To help you with your first steps, we’re organising practical information sessions in the autumn. 

 Companies are increasingly looking for easy-to-use software solutions, preferably ones that can be used immediately and in any situation. And at an attractive price. According to IDC, one of the world’s largest market research companies, more than 90% of the world’s newly developed software is built with cloud storage and SaaS in mind. Many Belgian technology startups have taken this route, including Showpad, Teamleader or Metrilio.

Setting up your own SaaS model

IT companies can count on our support, either for a successful roll-out of a SaaS model or a switchover to one. We gained the expertise to do this from numerous R&D projects in recent years. These included OpenSaas, in which we worked out innovative development methods for SaaS. Or Nebucom, a joint project involving Agoria, iMinds and LSEC, in which we supported SaaS.

Answering concrete questions

Many of the developers who want to start with SaaS, have the same questions:

  • What’s the best infrastructure to use?
  • Which parts of our applications do we build ourselves? And when would it be better to use outside parties?
  • How do we set up a payments model?
  • How do we take into account the increasingly stringent security and privacy requirements?

We will answer these and other practical questions during a series of information sessions. In each, we take a closer look at one specific SaaS theme, such as security for SaaS companies, an introduction to DevOps (a new trend in which the same team develops and manages the software), cloud infrastructure and subscription billing.

Each session works from the perspective of practical application, with demo applications and relevant examples. So that you can be really helped. 

What questions do you have?

In order for our sessions to better match your specific needs, we invite you to take part in our brief survey. This will take only five minutes of your time. Thanks for your input!

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