Exhibition 'Synthetic by Nature' on (bio) composites

From 3 to 26 April the Design Museum of Ghent will be host to the exhibition ‘Kunststof, natuurlijk' (Synthetic by Nature) for novel composites, most based on natural material. SLC-Lab contributes with several components of the exhibition and will be giving a talk on the seminar 'Designing with Composites'. 

New (bio) composite materials bring the environment and design closer to each other. The production of traditional glass and carbon fibre composites has been improved and is quicker and easier to implement. Biocomposites based on vegetable fibres such as flax and hemp are on the rise. With its low weight, high rigidity and high durability, combined with an efficient production process, this material has a promising future.

On 2 April 2015, the latest developments will be discussed during the afternoon with fascinating lectures on the theme ‘Designing with Composites’. Scientists and designers shed light on the story of glass, carbon- and biocomposites from various angles. Design practice, material innovation and cultural values will be discussed extensively.

In addition, a small pop-up exhibition will be launched with designs made from flax and hemp composites, including the sporty electric I-Care Racing roadster, the first biocomposite electric scooter, called the Be.e, the LC03 Low Chair and the Lina Table from the SLC-Lab.

Low chair 2003 by Maarten Van Severen

Lina Table by Simon Vermeir, Sirris

The lecture session and exhibition arose from the Wetenschapscommunicatie (‘Science Communication’) project of the LUCA - School of Arts and was brought about in collaboration with the University of Leuven’s Department of Materials Technology, the Design Museum Ghent, CELC and Design Vlaanderen, as well as with Texture, ABV and Sirris

You can find more about the exhibition and preview here.

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