Dirk Frimout guest speaker on kick-off event ‘Innovatieve coatings’

The cluster project ‘Innovatieve coatings’ has been launched this month. The aim of the cluster is to bring together the different coating sectors, so they can learn from each other's product and technologies to apply the knowledge and expertise of one sector in the other. The kick-off event will take place on 31 January, with Dirk Frimout as a guest speaker.

The cluster project ‘Innovatieve coatings’ is an IBN (Innovative Business Network) set up by CoRI, Centexbel and Sirris, supported by the Flemish Agency Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). The IBN will function as a counter where companies can turn to with all kinds of questions. The platform collects the necessary information to propose a solution to the companies or to refer them to existing organisations that can help them by means of technical knowledge, training, support in internationalisation, collaboration opportunities with other companies in Belgium or abroad, etc. The ultimate goal is the initiation of IBN collaborations between the different companies in the different coating sectors (coatings applied to textiles, plastics, metal, wood, ...), through the mechanisms of supply and demand.

On 31 January the launching event will take place in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. Dirk Frimout, Belgium's first astronaut, will testify on the need of material coatings based on his experiences in space.

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You can become a member of the cluster! Further information and the subscription form for cluster membership can be found on the project website.