Data innovation by accelerating insight through visual analytics

The EluciDATA project aims to stimulate data innovation (i.e. innovation by focused data exploitation) in industry. On 10 December, the project partners will organise a Tech Brokerage event to offer a platform for technology providers to demonstrate their data solutions to problem (data) owners. The keynote speech titled 'Accelerating Insight through Visual Analytics' will be held by Bart Adams (Luciad). 

Sensors surge and big data grows. Two billion smart phones and many more GPS sensors are active today. What if we equip all cars, ships and aircraft with environmental sensors? How to gain knowledge from all that data? How to find the needle in this big digital hay stack? In real-time? Visual analytics, the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces, can be a key enabler to tackle this challenge. In this keynote Luciad shares its vision that with the right data architecture, analysis tools and visualization capabilities, any user can be turned into a powerful analyst that can make sense out of all that geo-enabled and temporal data. 

Bart Adams is Manager Products & Innovation at Luciad, a high-tech Leuven-based software company that is in the business of helping its customers make sense out of geo-spatial data. 

Why data innovation?

Data overloads almost all sectors of our economy. While data is increasingly available, the technology to exploit data is becoming more mature and opportunities created by data are manifold, its potential is still underutilized in most companies. Therefore the goal of the technology transfer project EluciDATA is to support companies in exploiting data via different means, e.g. by analysing specific needs and challenges and investigating existing technological solutions, by initiating structural collaborations between companies and technology experts.  

The project is initiated by Sirris and supported by more than 30 member companies.  

Do you want to attend the Data Innovation Tech Brokerage event on 10 December? Further information can be found on our agenda!