The Battle for User Bandwidth

Today, we see an explosion of sophisticated devices and applications in everyone's environment. How many devices don’t you operate every day? In our family several phones circulate (whether or not smart), various remote controls, game consoles, computers, programmable thermostats, GPS devices and so on. Also professionally, I am more than ever confronted with all kinds of applications. Besides the inevitable e-mail and other productivity tools, there are things like ERP systems, simulation software, etc. I have slowly reached my limit.

We all have reached our limit.

What does this mean for a company that builds high-tech products? You run a battle on two fronts. On the one hand you have the traditional competition in your niche. On the other hand you now struggle for the users' attention. And you enter in competition against dozens if not hundreds of apps and devices in the market. Where you used to stand out by adding new features, you are to use other strategies to lead and stay in the fight for the users' attention.

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