ASTUTE project receives award at the Co-Summit 2015

ASTUTE, the European research project set up by Sirris received an award at the ITEA-ARTEMIS Co-Summit 2015.

The seventh, annual Co-Summit took place this year on 10 and 11 March in Berlin. Co-Summit is organised by the Artemis Industry Association and ITEA. This year the topic was 'Smart Industry: the impact of software innovation', and therefore precisely on the theme of the fourth industrial revolution. The programme included international keynote speakers, a top level panel discussion about 'Smart Industry' and an inspiring presentation of 75 R&D&I projects, complete with live demonstrations emphasising the impact of innovation.

Various awards were presented during the event, with ASTUTE finding itself at the receiving end as well. This European research project, which falls within the scope of the Artemis project, was concluded in 2014. The project was aimed at developing proactive man-machine interfaces and reasoning algorithms for improving the ways in which professionals deal with complex and gigantic volumes of information during actual operations. 

The data innovation group at Sirris set up this pilot project together with international partners and three Belgian companies, IOS International, Luciad and Namahn. In highly innovative companies, data increasingly forms the basis for developing new products and services, as well as improving existing solutions. They have been able to call on the data innovation experience that Sirris already has in ample supply.  

A feature of ASTUTE was its industrial focus and the fact that the project was able to attract different types of stakeholders to sit around the same table. This resulted in a very successful conclusion that was rewarded by receiving an award at the Co-Summit.