3D Printing Materials Conference with Sirris presentation on 3D printing and ceramics

The 3D Printing Materials Conference on 27 January 2015 offers you a platform on the crossroads of science, technology & business in 3D printing materials. Sharing knowledge, learning from other professionals and networking, that is what this event is all about.

3D printing is hot and has emerged as manufacturing technology with a thousand uses spread across a very diverse user base. The ongoing development of new materials does not only have impact on the quality of the 3D printed end product, it opens new markets and it has a positive influence on the price level of the used materials.

The roads to success in the 3D printing sector will depend on fine-tuning materials to the needs of each application. This fine-tuning process will involve the type and the quality, strength and costs of materials, but also the selection of marketing channels and for example packaging of the end product.

Since each user group and each application needs its own materials set, the market has huge potential: it seems that hardly a day goes by without new materials being added to the 3D printing palette. But simultaneously, it raises many associated questions: which developments can be expected in the near future? Which markets will be influenced on short term? How can materials be produced cost-efficiently?

Topics and programme

The conference will be about the materials used in 3D printing - metals, plastics/polymers and ceramics, development of emerging materials, design rules, value chains, sustainability, trends and market forecasts and the relationships between 3D printing processes and material options.

The programme of this second edition will include keynote presentations and a wide range of break out presentations. Among these will be a presentation on 3D printing and ceramics by Sirris expert Stijn Lambrechts.

Next to these inspiring presentations, the conference features a lively exhibition area, plus a lunch and networking reception, to create the ideal opportunity to network in an open setting.

The 3D Printing Materials Conference will take place at MECC in Maastricht, The Netherlands on 27 January 2015. Want to know more? You can find all information here!