Follow our recipes for successful services!

“Stop developing software. Develop digital services.” That is the basis of our cookbook with recipes for businesses to develop successful digital services which allow users to do their job faster, easier and better. What can you expect from the book? Here’s a little ‘teaser’ for you.

Five things to keep in mind when successfully marketing digital products:

  1. Marketing, sales and support are today’s challenges of any developer. Look at your digital service from a holistic angle: one streamlined machine which attracts, onboards, services and retains users.
  2. (Real-time) analytics allow you to know up to the smallest detail which users are getting hooked on your service and which ones threaten to abandon ship. Mature digital services use these analytics to deepen the relation with their users in real time.
  3. In order to roll out successful digital services, companies today need three profiles: a product manager at the top who represents the voice of users. A CTO who overlooks the technical development, builds and encourages the technical team to develop an effective and lean tech-stack. Finally, a growth hacker, who focuses on attracting and onboarding the right type of users.
  4. Cooking comes at a cost. Translate your growth scenario(s) in the need and availability of cash over two years. Follow the heartbeat of your business, do the right things in each growth phase. Don’t scale too early, it will be a waste of money and time. But also get to know the basic mechanisms of the business. Know the cost and benefit of a new user and monitor his ROI.
  5. Map out the risks and their potential legal consequences. Set out the relation with users in a ‘service level agreement’ (or SLA) and check whether it is in line with the SLAs of your suppliers. Map out the potential risks in terms of intellectual property rights and of general or business data and personal data. Use a secured infrastructure.

The book is written by two employees of the Sirris digital team, Peter Verhasselt and Nick Boucart, and is the result of 10 years of working for and with Belgian companies. It is built up around case studies and best practices relevant for a Belgian or European context.

'Hyperscale and Microcare. The Digital Business Cookbook' is out now. Order it here!