A first step towards higher quality industrial blades

This year saw the start of the COOCK project QualiKnife, which aims to improve the quality and service life of industrial blades. Now that the first input from companies has been received, a number of typical cases involving different cutting modes and different materials to be cut will be defined and quality aspects highlighted.

At the beginning of 2021, the COOCK project QualiKnife on industrial blades was started and, to kick-off the project, a webinar took place on 4 February. Thirteen companies followed this introduction online and shared their experiences. Three companies have since been visited and have discussed their cutting applications with Sirris.

The intention is initially to define a number of typical cases or ‘generative’ demonstrators concerning different cutting modes and types of materials to be cut (see table).

The matrix

Because industrial blades undoubtedly have a very wide application, we have set out a matrix according to the above table. Nearly all materials are cut to size as part of the manufacturing process. Blades are also found all around the home, from razor blades to kitchen knives, scissors and box cutters. Although the project focuses on large blades for industrial processes rather then blades for household use, there are similarities between the two.

Quality aspects

In the coming months, the following aspects of blade quality will be dealt with one at a time:

  • The substrate materials
  • The heat treatments
  • The geometry
  • The resistance to wear
  • The resistance to corrosion
  • The surface treatments
  • The grinding operations

For each of these sub-aspects, an example will be given of 'best practice' and of how Sirris can test some of these aspects for you and improve new or existing applications. The aim is to give companies better metallurgical insight into the choice of materials, the different treatments available and the behaviour of blades during use. Sharing this knowledge as much as possible with interested companies from the target group is one of the objectives of the project.

Are you interested in participating in the user group or do you, perhaps, have an interesting case that you want to share with other companies? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

The COOCK project QualiKnife has come about thanks to the financial support of VLAIO.