Finger on the pulse of hydrogen production via offshore wind energy

During the seminar Emerging Offshore Technologies: Production of green electrons & molecules at sea’ which takes place on 8, 15 and 24 June, we zoom in on the technological and market trends in the production of green hydrogen by means of offshore wind energy: what new innovations are under development? What are the findings and results of the first test and demo projects? What opportunities are there for companies in the new value chains that are emerging? What projects are still in the pipeline and what technological challenges does the industry still need to address to make this evolution a success? You will find it out here!

Under the impetus of the European Green Deal, numerous initiatives and projects are in the pipeline in which wind energy - and other forms of renewable energy - will be used to produce green molecules on a large scale. These green molecules can be supplied in the form of hydrogen or other e-fuels (such as methanol and ammonia).

During this seminar, various industrial speakers and also some knowledge centres will give their views and insights on the ongoing developments in this topic. We provide some of the top (international) speakers from reputable organisations to introduce you to the challenges and opportunities that arise from the marriage of the offshore wind sector and the hydrogen industry. We approach this from a production point of view, but also look at how hydrogen will be used in the future, for example for installation and maintenance vessels.

Overview of some confirmed expert presentations

In addition to the expert presentations, on the first day of this thematic seminar we will provide a live stream with panel session. On the last day, we also foresee an online B2B session. A company visit to Cummins-Hydrogenics will follow later this year to give your company a fast deep-dive into these emerging technologies.

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