A fine model for the ULiège bicentenary

Sirris manufactures metal puzzle pieces to reconstitute a model of old Liège.

From March 2017 to September 2018, the University of Liège is celebrating its bicentenary. The period is being marked by a whole series of festivals, academic, scientific, cultural and sporting events.

As part of this, the University wanted to produce a memory book which resembles a path between the past, present and future. The work, "Mémoire et Prospective. Université de Liège (1817-2017)" by P. Raxhon and V. Granata is enhanced with more than two hundred illustrations.

A limited edition of 200 copies has been published. And to enhance it, each printed book is decorated with a different puzzle piece coming from a relief map illustrating a district of old Liège.

The starting point for the production was a bas-relief model of the city in 1730, made by Gustave Ruhl in 1906 and kept at the University of Liège.
This model was scanned by a regional company, and reworked according to the requirements of 3D printing and divided into 200 elements.

Sirris, sponsored in this project by Agoria Walloon, took on the manufacture of the 200 elements of the puzzle in metal. The final map to scale measures 1.3 x 1 m and the components measure from 50 x 20 mm to 150 x 40 mm. The process of manufacture is a technique of spraying a binder onto  stainless steel powder followed by debinding and bronze infiltration (40%).
A patina was then applied by acid etching in a specialised workshop.

The result is impressive and numbered copies of the work, with their puzzle piece, enjoyed great success with Liège personalities at their official presentation.