Find scientific publications quickly

The Canadian firm Science-Metrix and its subsidiary 1science launched 1findr, the world's largest collection of articles with peer review.

The platform hosts 90 million published articles from peer reviewed journals from all scientific fields, in all languages and all countries. It is possible to download the full text when it is freely accessible.

The data sources are selected carefully, and the data is subject to a refining process performed by bibliometric experts. Users do not have to search through dozens of irrelevant articles to find just a few quality articles. There is no risk to users of using articles that have not passed the peer review process.

Some of the competitive advantages highlighted by the firm include:

  • the data refining process and using this data to produce robust statistics on the research system
  • its global vision of research, which itself confronts that of others which often offer biased and incomplete tools, and are too focused on natural sciences and health and on research produced in the Far East

The1findr platform is available in a free version and an optimised version for universities.