Femtosecond - the advance of laser technology

During the PLI conference in Colmar on 25 and 26 September, the latest results from the laser community for scaling up the femtosecond laser were presented.

Femtosecond lasers are recognised for the high quality of the products produced. The cutting edges are clean and the surfaces can be given a fine texture which is not possible with traditional laser technology (continuous, nano). Although industrial applications remain limited because of the low capacity.

Lasers of 300 W are commercially available nowadays and 500 W lasers were displayed as prototypes. It is anticipated around 2021 that 1 kW will have been achieved. In addition, the GigaHertz regime will be available, which will provide 3 to 10 times higher ablation speeds.

Various other technologies were on display in order to apply this intensity efficiently. An increase in the scanning speed up to 300 m/sec was achieved with polygon scanners. This is all while the laser bundle can be divided over several spots so that with automation, up to 100 QR codes can be written per second. Finally, there’s also a middle way, whereby several bundles can be rotated.

All these technological advances are helping to reduce the costs of each individual item, thereby making larger products more accessible. 

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