Accelerate your Medtech project
In MedTech, time has more than ever become a crucial success factor. The time between the first idea and the final go-to-market is getting shorter. In addition, healthcare is becoming increasingly technical. To provide an answer to these two trends, Sirris makes its technological expertise available, adapted to the medical sector.

Shorten the time between idea and industrialisation

With our Fast Response Engineering Services for Healthcare, we offer you a range of expertise and knowledge in the latest technologies and products. This not only saves you time and money, it also increases the competitiveness of your products and your business.

From the very beginning, we help you focus on industrialisation. With a fully functional proof-of-concept, we also guarantee that the lead time from basic concept to industrialisation is reduced to the absolute minimum. 

At your disposal for any type of trial or concept

An integrated technical service dedicated to healthcare, from the beginning focused on developing a solid vision for your product.
An ecosystem of suppliers, partners, academic laboratories that can support innovation in healthcare.
A high-tech infrastructure and multidisciplinary team of engineers who understand the medical environment and its rules.
Want to take your Medtech project to the next level?
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Stories from entrepreneurs

Discover how sirris contributed to the development of Smart Healt products.

PCR tests at ULiège - At the beginning of the corona crisis, ULiège was already developing PCR tests that could be rolled out on a large scale. Together with Sirris, among others, it also developed an original method for producing boxes with 96 holes, which were needed for the analysis of the test samples, but were no longer available due to the crisis. The autonomous production of the boxes ensured the testing capacity in Belgium.

Stories from entrepreneurs

Discover how sirris contributed to the development of Smart Healt products.

Microchip from Coris Bioconcept quickly detects antibiotic-resistant bacteria - Coris BioConcept called on Sirris' expertise in microfabrication to develop a biomedical microchip that can detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria very quickly and in one go.

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