Factory 4.0

Factory 4.0 is a project within the European Interreg France-Wallonia-Flanders programme. The project partners from Northern France, Wallonia and East and West Flanders support companies in making the transformation to factories of the future.

Interreg Factory 4.0


The Factory 4.0 project contributes to the economic changes of the border areas by accelerating the transformation of companies to becoming Industry 4.0 factories of the future. The target group includes all SMEs (in the project region) who are involved in manufacturing. 

Project strategy

During the project, companies are supported in the transformation by way of a phased strategy. The company selects the steps it wants to take (based on its own specific requirements and challenges)

  • Making aware and informing manufacturing companies of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 by way of factory visits, events, lectures and visits to application laboratories
  • Preliminary diagnosis of the interested companies in order to identify the issues that offer the greatest potential. 
  • Intensive diagnosis is carried out at companies wanting to proceed with the transformation, and results in a specific plan of action.
  • Limited feasibility study involving a number of Industry 4.0 technologies (collaborative robots, digital work instructions, etc.). The plan is to evaluate the technological and economical feasibility of specific cases so that the threshold towards actual implementation can be lowered. 


Interreg France-Wallonie-VlaanderenThe Interreg France-Wallonia-Flanders is a European Union programme aimed at stimulating cross-border collaboration in order to promote and strengthen innovative and sustainable developments in the border areas

Flemish support

Vlaio - met de steun vanThe Factory 4.0 project is supported by the Flemish Authorities via co-financing. 

Provincial support in West-Flanders 

Met de steun van de provincie West-VlaanderenThe Factory 4.0 project is supported by the province of West Flanders via co-financing.



Project partners

The project involves close collaboration among partners, NFID, Mecanov, Cetim, CITC, Pôle Mécatech, POM West Flanders and Sirris.