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If you think sustainability only means having to meet increased demands and facing increased costs, then it’s time to think again! Sustainable innovation can actually lead to cost savings, new opportunities, new markets and new services. Sirris can help you by making strategic searches and analysing the potential, as well as converting ideas into innovative processes that can actually be implemented.

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Eco-compliance - proactive and future-oriented

The impact of stricter environmental legislation on products and manufacturing and the associated costs are relentlessly increasing. In addition, our customers are attaching greater importance to the sustainability of their supplies. Sirris can work with you on a proactive approach and help you to get ready to meet these growing demands. This way sustainable innovation at your company will in turn lead to sustainable profits.

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Waste prevention - self-management and targeted collaboration

Many companies are becoming increasingly dependent on outsourced waste management. The message here concerns waste prevention and improved by-product exploitation. We analyse costs and potential and support companies in becoming more self-sufficient. This results in managing their own processes, setting up targeted collaboration projects with specialist processors and taking steps to improve material recycling.

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Ecodesign - for materials, recycling and business models

Innovative use of materials can be both more sustainable and profitable. This is why increasing numbers of companies are choosing ecodesign, new sustainable materials, recycling and therefore sustainable business models as a result. Sirris can support your designers with the design and development of sustainable products with demonstrable added value for your organisation.


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Circular economy

Numerous scenarios and concepts contribute towards creating a circular economy. Together we can seek out the opportunities and define the specific steps for your company.

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Energy - sustainable production and efficiency

Various energy aspects have been investigated in the many projects and activities at Sirris. We dig deeper into wind energy, which you will find at with the OWI-Lab andwith all its activities about clustering and test infrastructures, right through to setting up specific innovation projects.

For example, the OWI Lab has designed a specific measuring system available for taking measurements and/or monitoring offshore wind turbines and their foundations. We have also opened the biggest largest climate chamber in Europe for testing wind turbine components and other exceptionally large machinery under extreme weather conditions.

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