Renewable energy

Sustainable production and efficiency

Various energy-related issues have been investigated in the many projects and activities within Sirris. In our OWI Application Lab (OWI-Lab), we dig deeper into RD&I activities in onshore and offshore wind energy by providing access to unique test and monitoring infrastructures, such as the large climatic test chamber and the R&D infrastructure for structural health monitoring. The lab also functions as an innovation cluster for offshore renewables such as offshore wind, wave & tidal energy.   

In circular economy terms, Sirris acts to get more renewable energy out of the resources by improving engineering, component testing and validation, inspection & maintenance, condition and health monitoring as well as end-of-life decommissioning.

The OWI-Lab has developed specific measuring and testing systems for assessing the condition and health of onshore & offshore wind turbine components. We have also built Europe’s largest climatic test chamber to test large wind turbine components (gearboxes, generators, transformers, converter cabinets, etc.) and other exceptionally large machinery under extreme weather conditions, including extremely low temperatures down to -60 °C, icing conditions, hot climate temperatures up to +60 °C, hot tropical conditions with high humidity and solar IR heat in desert conditions. You can find more about this unique testing facility : click here

Read all about the infrastructure at the OWI-Lab on the website or our blog !

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