Towards machines with lower ecological impact and lower total cost of ownership

Not only does today’s industry demand powerful machines, but also due to various regulations and their clients machine manufacturers are increasingly requesting more energy efficient machines with a higher user comfort, although not at any cost and without performance loss.

Machine manufacturers are not always aware of the potential for improvement of their machines when it comes to energy efficiencyperformance and user comfort. As well, they have many questions about using new technology in practice.


Ecomechatronics stands for the mechatronics technology needed to carry out breakthrough innovations in machines as regards energy efficiency (and also energy recovery and energy storage), performance (productivity, precision, saving on materials) and user comfort (noise, vibrations).

To help machine manufacturers and their clients make the switch to a new generation of ecomechatronics products, Sirris and FMTC have started the Ecomechatronics roadmap. This initiative applies industrial top research in mechatronics to concrete applications at companies and helps them with the integration of innovative technology into their machines.

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EcoMechatronica infographic
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What is the potential for your machine?

Ecomechatronics improvement projects at companies show that it is typically possible to:

  • Save 20-30 percent more energy
  • Increase usage
  • Use 10 percent less resources
  • Reduce noise and vibrations by about 8 dB.

Improving your machines together

Sirris and FMTC help companies in the design and redesign of their machines when carrying out innovations.


Ecomechatronics audit: measurements are carried out in the audit on a machine and recommendations are given for more energy-efficient, powerful and user-friendly machine design. Read more

Innovative methods and technology: research results around model-based design, intelligent control and optimisation use for your machines. Read more

Independent technological advice: applying our know-how to help you with a technological choice or issue.

Supporting the entire innovation roadmap: we support you in defining and applying a technological product innovation, directly and through a network of knowledge partners.