Data Innovation: how to use the enormous potential of your data?

Smart use of data is a good way of gaining the competitive advantage nowadays. Whether you’re aiming for more efficient processes, greater personalisation, or new products or services: you need good, substantiated data. Most companies do have a lot of data, but channelling, interpreting and deploying it needs at lot of know-how and experience. And all this is available from the Data Innovation experts at Sirris.

The Sirris Data Innovation team in numbers between 2015 and 2017:

28 innovative projects

18 R&D projects submitted

11 training sessions with 114 participating companies

26 supervised students (Master thesis or internship)

12 events/seminars with 469 participants

1. Industrial advice for industry 

From examining technological choices, through to building prototypes: by creating customised projects we help companies to deal with a whole range of data related issues

  • How relevant is data for your business? 
  • Where is the innovative potential in your data?
  • Which data technology do you prefer?
  • What about Internal Service for Protection and Prevention at Work [GDPR] and personal data?

Concrete cases with companies

2. Joint R&D projects

In the context of the R&D joint project, our team of technology experts works with you on your data challenges and helps you to get your project off the ground.

  • We identify the challenges that you have in common with other potential partners, set innovative objectifs for your projects and present your project ideas to our network.
  • We search within our (inter)national network for companies and research partners who have the required technological competences for your project or who have similar problems as yours and are willing to work together.
  • We look for the right financial framework, adapted for your project.
  • We take care of the communication with the authorities during the project.
  • We coordinate the preparation of the project, the design of the work plan and verify the valorisation plan if needed.
  • ...

Current R&D projects

  • HYMOP: we analyse data from a whole raft of connected industrial machinery along with Belgian universities to optimise the operation and the maintenance of the machines.

  • Doctiris & MANTIS: in this research project we focus on large scale predictive analysis for scheduling the proactive maintenance of industrial machinery for example.

  • EluciDATA: Technology transfer project with the aim of stimulating the uptake of data innovation in industry

Finished projects

  • DEWI: here we researched technologies for predicting the remaining lifespan of batteries in smart, connected products in a smart home environment.

  • CAREWARE: Patient monitoring for assessing recovery progress and quality of life

  • Smart Pro

3. Individual or collective training sessions

We share knowledge through a large number of channels including events, training sessions, masterclasses, academic papers and work placements in order to reinforce your own data expertise. 

  • We discuss controversial issues at open events that go into data innovation.
  • We organise training sessions for various stakeholders, from business experts to technology experts.
  • We provide companies with insights into the most important international publications and studies.
  • We support students carrying out research into data related challenges.

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