Our expertises

Companies keen to innovate can draw on Sirris's 60 years and more of expertise in five core technological domains. We have 140 engineers, scientists and technicians exploring the possibilities created by innovative technologies. Our winning combination of the right experts, high-tech infrastructure for research, and testing and an extensive network of partners can open up the way to innovation for your company, too.

  • Product innovation goes hand in hand with a sustainable, carefully considered use of materials. Sirris has acquired expansive know-how to help companies make the best choices in this connection. We not only develop new, high-performance materials, but also invest in know-how concerning innovative technology for the development, manufacture, assembly and aftertreatment of products. The help we provide extends from the drawing board right up to the first test series. We develop brand new products, analyse their limitations, select the most suitable materials, determine their dimensions and design, manufacture prototypes and test series and even take care of product characterisation and validation. To this end, our multidisciplinary team works with the very best software, lab equipment and workplaces available.

  • If you want to keep up with the latest industrial developments and develop into a forward-looking company, your production processes must also remain up-to-date. You can use Sirris's network of engineers and our high-tech infrastructure to explore the tremendous potential and maybe even become a 'Factory of the Future’.

  • Your products, machinery and production equipment all have to meet ever more exacting requirements. How can you make your production more efficient, faster, more precise, quieter, cleaner and more flexible? Ask our mechatronics experts and find out how you can optimise your existing systems, master their complexity and develop products of the future.

  • Software is omnipresent. Technological and manufacturing companies too make liberal use of it, although keeping up  can sometimes prove extremely challenging. Sirris can help you harness the full potential of innovative software and IT applications, such as cloud computing and (big) data storage. We will also tell you how to bring these innovations swiftly to market.

  • If you think sustainability only means having to meet increased demands and facing increased costs, then it’s time to think again! Sustainable innovation can actually lead to cost savings, new opportunities, new markets and new services. Sirris can help you by making strategic searches and analysing the potential, as well as converting ideas into innovative processes that can actually be implemented.

  • Sirris, the collective centre of the Belgian technology industry, is involved in a host of innovation projects with companies. These projects result in new processes or new products, thus generating intellectual property (IP). Thanks to our years of experience with innovation, Sirris has built up considerable expertise in the field of IP.