Experience the benefits of digital work instruction platforms yourself

Do you spend a lot of time creating work instructions with Word, Excel or PowerPoint? Are you not 100 percent sure whether the operators in manufacturing are using the right version? Do you find that checklists are not always filled in, or are only filled in afterwards? Digital work instruction platforms are aimed at solving these problems.

In addition to their obvious potential, digital work instruction platforms offer many other advantages:

  • Instructions that are always up to date
  • Last-minute changes can be deployed without interrupting production
  • Can be easily started by scanning a QR code
  • Multimedia instructions are possible (photos, video, speech, animations)
  • The same instruction is available in multiple languages
  • Accessible via various devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, SmartGlass)

Because these tools are digital and can communicate in real-time with other systems, the following functions and applications also become possible:

  • Automatic setting of parameters, such as the tool torque.
  • Reception of data from external equipment (e.g. calliper, weighing scale, ...)
  • Reception of photos in case of problems or defects
  • Real-time recording of operator feedback and/or logging of improvement suggestions
  • Automatic generation of reports (QA, audits, ...)
  • Time analyses (re-costing, comparative studies, spotting additional training opportunities, ...)
  • Provision of adapted instructions - for example, based on operator experience.
  • Making differences in instruction revisions easily visible

Would you like to know more or get acquainted with the various available platforms? Then register for our hands-on masterclass ‘Integrate digital work instructions in your factory’ on 16 February 2022.

(Source picture: https://followthesoftwareguide.site123.me)