‘Everyone on the digital work floor’
This European/Flemish project aims to develop a guidance programme tailored to each SME employee, taking into account the changing knowledge and skills associated with the digital transformation that takes place within many companies.

Project duration: November 2020 – November 2022

The ‘Everyone on the digital workfloor’ project will develop a guidance programme tailored to each individual SME employee. This will be used to determine the maturity level of companies and design roadmaps tailored to them and thus arrive at a practical strategy for the SMEs.



Specifically, the guidance programme to be developed will guarantee the competence and skills revolution that can be accompanied by a digitisation transformation of a company. This involves not only examining and mapping out technical skills and competencies, but also behavioural competencies.

In this way, the SME is assigned a certain maturity level from which it can then be determined which skills and competences will require additional training and/or retraining.

In a second phase, roadmaps are developed tailored to SMEs and to each skills profile employed in these companies in order to expose the skills gaps and to match them with a training offer.

Finally, an extensive test phase for a stand-alone strategy is provided within the scope of the project. The aim of the final project phase is to deliver a practical, user-friendly and relevant strategy tailored to the SME that is in a digital transformation process.

C*  20-0306


Contribution from ESF: € 119,013.91

Contribution from VLAIO: € 178,520.85 

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