Engineering for the health sector: from idea to pilot run

How the encounter between engineering and bio-medics is providing solutions in the health sector.

The rapid evolution of technologies in recent years has led to many industrial and economic sectors spreading out their skills and opening up their areas of expertise, at the risk of losing part of their leadership. No company can rely on acquired excellence to calmly plan a secure future. More than ever, entrepreneurs need support to evolve, transform… and merge the latest fields that are constantly more complex.
This is especially the case in the health sector where MedTech firms are more and more often providing solutions that stem from the encounter between engineering and bio-medics.

During a breakfast meeting at the ULiège Interface on 25.05.18, Olivier Gramaccia, Business Developer and Denis Vandormael, Senior Project Manager at Sirris will illustrate this growing trend.

Using illustrative examples, they will describe the process which is leading from idea to the creation of efficient medical devices that are not expensive and portable, thanks to miniaturisation and engineering. Sirris is thus becoming a link in the chain of support services to innovation in a sector which was not initially its field. An inspiring step for many other innovating areas.

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