Reap the benefits of technological innovation

Reap the benefits of technological innovation

Technological innovation is the fuel for sustainable growth. But innovating is a risky and resource-intensive venture. Sirris is there to help.
As a dynamic not-for-profit organization founded and governed by industry, we help companies achieve their innovation ambitions. To this end, our customers can count on the efforts of a multidisciplinary team of 150 experts, more than 200 partners, ecosystems, a wide range of industrial labs and tons of inspiration. In this way, together with the companies, we realise some 1,300 innovation projects a year.

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How can we help you?

You want to innovate!

As a company, you want to prepare your future by effectively applying technological innovations to your products, services, processes or production. You want to make sure your innovation decisions are backed. You want to thoroughly think through, research and develop your own technological ambitions. Or you want to put your innovative ideas into practice. 
You want to innovate!

You want to optimise!

You have questions about the performance of a product or service. You want to increase your own internal technological competences. You wonder whether you are still up to the mark when it comes to technical norms and standards. In short, you want to improve and optimise your organisation.

You want to optimise!

You want to manage your innovations!

You want to test your new ideas against the current state of technology. You want to know the long-term prospects of relevant technological evolutions and roadmaps that matter to you. You want to support your portfolio with adequate technology choices. You want to optimally protect the accumulated knowledge and skills and also valorise these economically. 
You want to manage your innovations!

A passionate team with over 150 Sirris experts

8 labs to turn your innovative idea into reality

Belgium’s most extensive innovation network

Inspiration with events, cases and much more

Our expertise

Setting up, improving or transforming a manufacturing system is one of the most complex challenges. Sirris helps with solutions down to the production floor.

Tomorrow’s products need to tick a lot of boxes. We help you with all of them: from being more sustainable to being more connected.

Technological innovation is a must for businesses wanting to grow sustainably. Sirris helps to develop a strategy that creates value and supports growth.

Contemplating connected products, launching digital services, or going SaaS? Tap into our expertise to connect the dots.

If we want to guarantee our future, all companies need to go green. Sirris supports you in your transition to a more sustainable business.

Sirris Year Report 2022 three copies with one folded open

Annual Report 2022: Towards Resilience

Unveil the pivotal 2022 figures of our operation and delve into 20 real-life case studies of innovation projects within Belgian companies, similar to yours. Let them inspire and guide your company in adopting and implementing new technologies.

Read our annual report and fuel your business with transformative insights

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