POLCA and QRM, also for your production?

17 July 2018
Pascal Pollet

During a half-day masterclass, the pioneer of the QRM philosophy Rajan Suri will make a more in-depth exploration of POLCA, an alternative for Kanban. POLCA has been especially developed for high-mix, low-volume and custom-engineered products, for which Kanban systems are less well suited.

POLCA stands for Paired-cell Overlapping Loops of Cards with Authorization and is a production control method which helps streamline production in the workplace. POLCA is part of QRM, a company-wide strategy to bring about a reduction in lead times across the company. For that reason, the masterclass will commence with a short overview of QRM, followed by a tutorial about POLCA, a demonstration of POLCA with computer simulation, and various case studies of industrial applications.

Based on theory and concrete examples during the masterclass, Professor Rajan Suri will provide you with first-hand insight into the 'bottom-line’ impact of QRM and POLCA with respect to product costs, quality, lead times and on-time delivery, and show just how QRM and POLCA can give you a formidable competitive edge.

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