Cybersecurity makes your production future-proof

01 August 2022
Tatiana Galibus

Manufacturing companies need solid cybersecurity to guarantee continuity and to inspire trust among customers and partners. To let you get to know more about what cybersecurity can do for your manufacturing, Sirris will soon be present at two major events: Advanced Engineering (Antwerp Expo, 11 and 12 May) and Indumation (Xpo Kortrijk, 18-20 May).

Things are moving fast in the Belgian manufacturing industry, with new developments following each other in quick succession. What should you bet on? Which innovations are going to bear fruit in the long term? You can find answers to such questions at Advanced Engineering in Antwerp Expo on 11 and 12 May 2022. To let you get to know more about the benefits of cybersecurity in your manufacturing, Sirris will have a stand (No. 417) at this event, where we will present our expertise in manufacturing cybersecurity and show you some demos. A lecture specifically on cybersecurity is also planned for 12 May. The Sirris smart products experts will be contributing to the Smart Product Seminar, a theme session hosted by IMEC on 12 May (14.00-16.00 hrs.).

From 18 to 20 May, the sixth trade fair for industrial automation at Xpo Kortrijk, where the trade fair floor will be filled with 240 tech companies - ranging from the largest industrial technology providers to the latest tech start-ups - who are already demonstrating the industrial automation of tomorrow. This will take place in seven technology routes that you can select in advance according to your needs and the most efficient use of your time.

Here, Sirris and Agoria will share a stand (No. 148 B), where the focus will again be on cybersecurity in manufacturing. At this stand there will be regular live demonstrations of how easy it is to hack an industrial installation. Agoria and Sirris also guide you through the steps you can take to increase your cybersecurity, and tell you what help you can get for this.

Be sure to drop by and have a chance to win the book 'The Cyber Arena' by Vincent Naessens, lecturer in software systems and cyber security at the University of Leuven!

Our Sirris experts for Smart & Digital Factory will also be at the stand of POM West Flanders, where they will demonstrate the capabilities of AGVs and industrial robots used in production as cobots.

The live hacking demo is organised under Industriepartnerschap.


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